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Car Insurance

Restart Your Car With A Gearstart

We know you are gearing to get back to normalcy! But have you spared a thought about your car which has been lurking in the parking lot while you were locked up at home staying safe? Restarting your car after a hiatus may spill inconvenience and trouble but Avner always has got your back in times of difficulty and now is no different. We help you gearstart your car, all you’ve got to do is, give us a call. It can’t get any better, so rouse your cars from their deep sleep and avail the Avner gearstart service now!

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Save Up To 70% On Your Car Insurance Premium!

Now say goodbyes to costly car insurance premiums when you can get up to 70% discounts! Why look elsewhere when we are here? Get amazing quotes in a single click?

Go Cashless!

With as many as possible Network Garages spread nationwide, we are striving to spread all across the country to cater to your every need. Plan today and get access to our nationwide garage services.

Why Limit Your Claims? Go Limitless!

Avner opens doors to unlimited claims on your car insurance policy. When you rise, we do not restrict you. In fact, we are there for you!

Overnight Car Repair Service

We help you in repairing minor accidental damages from dusk to dawn without any sort of hassle. You can simply contact our team; we will get your car picked at night, repair it, and deliver it by morning right at your doorsteps.

Our Services

  • Car Insurance for accidental damage, natural calamities
  • Car Insurance for theft
  • Car Insurance for damage due to fire
  • Damage due to third-party vehicle
  • Injury to a third party person
  • No claim bonus car protection
  • Engine & Gear protector under Car Insurance
  • Key Replacement cover under Car Insurance
  • Downtime protection under Car Insurance

Why Should You Invest In Car Insurance?

Just like every other little thing you own is nurtured and protected, your car also demands to be safeguarded against the odds of accidents, natural calamities, malicious damage, and thefts. Just imagine, in a world where minor repairs and maintenance costs you a lot, what would be the range of expenses that you may have to make if your vehicle gets stolen or completely damaged? Your finances go for a toss as you will have to suffer the expenses for repairing it. To avoid such a financial breakdown and feel supported, it’s advisable to buy a car Insurance policy. Also under the Motor Vehicle Act 1988, all the motor owners must have valid motor insurance for their vehicles.

Get Your Car The Service It Deserves!

  • Quick and easy claims settlements record of 50% claims settled on the very day
  • Boost your cover with potent add-ons like our 24×7 roadside assistance
  • Maximize your savings with up to 70% off on your Car Insurance
  • Secure your vehicle just by a click with no documentation procedure
  • Get exclusive features like overnight car repair service, network garages, doorstep service & you name it.